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Roam/Octopus montage/Sally pepper - Bootleg social 31/01/20 review 

If your reading this then your most probably aware how hard we at hang tight have been working to try and revive the live scene here in Blackpool. Blackpool is a huge town with some absolutely fantastic live music venues within it, For so long and for no real reason Blackpool has been forgotten and when it comes to big bands going on tour you can almost bank on them playing Manchester and not coming anywhere near this townWhile we have been working hard to change this, So has other venues and promoters here in Blackpool….. So when ROAM decided to embark on a very special run of intimate venues to kick off there new decade we were absolutely thrilled to see Blackpool/Bootleg Social on the tour poster…… 

While there were many dates selling out on the lead-up to this tour commencing Blackpool wasn’t close to selling out and there’s a reason for this…….most of the dates on this tour were 80 cap venuesBootleg is a 350 cap venue…While that can be argued it isn’t a “intimate” venue this tour was more than just a intimate tour it was more on the side of a tour playing smaller towns….so for example instead of the tour consisting of dates in “Manchester/Sheffield/London…..They chose Blackpool/Leicester/Bournemouth….. So with just a couple of weeks to go when headliners ROAM decided to take to twitter and make videos/tweets to there ever growing set of followers and make out like the show in Blackpool has sold badly due to it being a dead town and laughing at the situation instead of looking into the situation and realizing the venue wasn’t sold out like many of the others because it was almost 5 times the size in comparison to most they would have realized that was the case not low sales due to no one being interested and Blackpool being packed out at the local bingo halls and tribute shows to the Beatles…..However on the night the place was packed and there was over 150 in attendance……Last little footnote to start Main tour support SUPERLOVE were unfortunately not playing due to illness in the band…. 



Starting off the show a little later than originally advertised due to superlove no longer playing was local acoustic singer/songwriter SALLY PEPPER. While sally is super talented and has played many shows all over the country the choice of her being added to open the show by roam was abit of a head scratcher for us as a pop-punk show is often at it’s best when the energy is high from minute 1 and the show is a constant build to when the headliners take to the stage. While sally has genuinely got so much talent and her songs are written from the heart and personal experiences on this night it just didn’t work…..With her being the only acoustic act on the bill and with the loss of main tour support SUPERLOVE this meant all the supports for this show needed to really bring the energy/party vibes and get that crowd moving and involved. Unfortunately this just didn’t happen and by the end of her set although it was enjoyable and far from bad it just really didn’t get the show started like it should have. 3/10 

Next up were Octopus montage. Octopus montage are a band that haven’t been going long but there list of shows played in such a short amount of time just proves how much potential these guy’s have got going for them…..Having played shows with MALLORY KNOX & CRAZY TOWN along side many local band night’s they really are on the most exciting and positive path right now. 
Starting the set with there most fun and engaging cover of “WHAT’S NEW SCOOBY DOO” you can see just how much this means to them in the smiles that they have plastered all over there faces from the first minute they stepped on stage. While the band are still finding there feet as a band and have a nice mix of bouncy pop-punk tunes with there super heavy tracks like “ how does it make you feel/now I’m gone” they really put there everything into this show and unfortunately for them this crowd are just really making them work for there attention. They play for the first time ever 2 brand new tracks off there upcoming debut album, While both tracks sound really good, you can tell this is the first time airing as the level of confidence vocally from lead vocalist DEC does seem shaky. However they finish the set with their cover of post mallone’s - goodbye & HDIMYF/NOW I’M GONE they do win the crowd over getting a fantastic cheer and get the energy and a couple of little pits before the end. 8/10 

ROAM are arguably one of the uk’s top pop-punk band’s and while they aren’t at the top spot they are under band’s like NECK DEEP-WSTR-WATERPARKS and that is a massive set of band’s to be in the mix with. From the moment they take to the stage the crowd goes wild, with members of the crowd young and older jumping and singing along the sheer change in energy in the room is absolutely staggering. These guy’s prove why they are so popular and looking at the faces of each member you can see how much they are enjoying this intimate more up close and personal set of shows as they feed of each and every fan’s energy and enjoyment of there set they finish up there small but heavy hitting choice of set list with a “thank you each and everyone of you guys for coming out” 8/10 

All in all a fun intimate pop-punk show with high energy and fun in the air. Make sure you check out the links to there pages and music and be sure to check out ROAM at any festival this coming summer.


Watch the full set from Octopus Montage here-