Twisted obsession - Battle cry

Twisted obsession – Battle cry 

Twisted obsession are a fantastic up and coming metalcore band from the seaside town blackpool. 
They are really high energy and if your not familiar with them you should go check out their debut ep Psychosis on spotify. 

Battle cry is a brand new track and  is an incredibly fast paced, heavy start to a really strong showing from these boys. With fast paced drums and a guitar riff that absolutely cuts through you. There is no way you will listen to this and not find yourself banging your head the whole way through. The vocals really come in strong with a mix of clean going into scream vocally this song is really does grab you by the neck and drags you in for the duration of the track. 

Video wise they have done what most bands have done mid lockdown and put together a video piecing together each member performing at home which is cool as you get too see each member passionately bang this song out with all the energy you would imagine they bring to the stage each night. 

Go check out there ep here - 

Written by kris fogg

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