rituals - snakes head

                                                                                                              Rituals – snakes head 

Rituals are a up and coming 3 piece rock/metal band from the north east, Even though there are only 3 of them don’t let that deter you away from them, they have a very very large sound that absolutely rips through you when they feel it’s time to let loose. 

Snakes head starts off with a beefy guitar hook that instantly gets you then the drums come in and you find yourself banging that head…..Vocally the cleans are very very impressive with a nice edge to it that really throws out raw emotion, All the while there are some cheeky screams that creep their way in to make you feel like something big could be building here. 
Oh does it build to something, these guys throw out a nice and simple breakdown rippled by nothing but angry and pissed off screams and that’s when you let loose and start throwing down in your living rooms. 

This is a song that is impossible to listen to and not smile and have your head moving. If this is what rituals are putting down then we at hang tight are defiantly picking it up because this track is very impressive. 

Check out Snakes head on all platforms June 5th 

Check out their previous stuff here - https://open.spotify.com/track/7ftbYaGiDS7LNI4VwzJ7Cf?si=B7Z8Ne6ZSTqF5_cJh7Sndg 

Written by kris fogg

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