chuggaboom - chuggflix and chill

Chuggaboom – Chuggflix and chill 

It takes a lot of balls to hide your identity and do a metal cover of bohemian rhapsody but the boys in chuggaboom not only did this but they absolutely smashed it. If your not familiar with chuggaboom they are a band no one knows the identity of sent to us to bring the chugg vibes and make there mark in a big way. 

In this song they not only give you something to bang your head too and chill but they also list everything that isn’t chill such as…..shaving your own head, UFC highlights, baking your own bread, learning ancient latin and many more. This band are meant to put a smile on your face yes but I think the time for them to not be taken seriously has well and truly passed and now they should be being looked at by everyone. 

They mix absolutely incredibly catchy songs with really funny tongue in cheek lyrics but the thing is they do it so well they have become a cult following in their own right and have worked damn hard for it. Like the music video for this song is genuinely funny and looks like they have put a lot of money into it, there cover of Queen was so impressive it needs to be heard to be believed. 

For those saying the scene is dead and boring you have not heard chuggaboom because these lads are proof the scene isn’t dead and its just as strong and fun as ever 

Go check out the video here- 

Written by kris fogg

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