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On Hollow Ground – blood is blood review

I have been saying for years now that On hollow ground are one of THEE best up and coming metalcore band’s in the uk right now. They aren’t just consistent with their music but also their performances and how much…

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rituals - snakes head

                                                                                                              Rituals – snakes head 

Rituals are a up and coming 3 piece rock/metal band from the north east, Even though there are only 3 of them don’t let that deter you away from them, they have a very very large…

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Twisted obsession - Battle cry

Twisted obsession – Battle cry 

Twisted obsession are a fantastic up and coming metalcore band from the seaside town blackpool. 
They are really high energy and if your not familiar with them you should go check out their debut ep…

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chuggaboom - chuggflix and chill

Chuggaboom – Chuggflix and chill 

It takes a lot of balls to hide your identity and do a metal cover of bohemian rhapsody but the boys in chuggaboom not only did this but they absolutely smashed it. If your not…

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On hollow ground - our lives

On hollow ground – Our lives 

On hollow ground are a fantastic metalcore outfit from the Sheffield area, They have been going a good number of years and they really should be on everyone’s radars. Live on stage they really…

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Invisions - gold blooded

Invisions – gold blooded 

Invisions are one of the best up and coming metalcore bands in the uk right now, they are consistently ripping stages and venues across the country (outside of lockdown that is). They are climbing the bill…

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