Hang Tight is a company that is founded not only to support those band's working hard on the underground scene But also too raise awareness and help support those that are in the industry that struggle with there mental health.

It's no secret that behind the scenes in the music industry we have more and more people that struggle to deal with the constant hard work/time/dedication that you have to put into everything, Then also find time to keep your own personal mental health in check and where you need to be. 


In the past mental health has been something that was unspoken of, It was something that people would feel they had to keep a secret and deal with it on their own and struggle on without any help or support. Hang Tight was created while Kris (the owner/founder) was in hospital after having a massive mental breakdown and finding himself in the lowest and darkest point of his life. 

Hang Tight is constantly working on trying to help support those with mental health problems, Behind the scenes We are working on trying to come up with a service that will work to help those within the music industry. It is something that is extremely close to our hearts and something that we want to try and finally put something in place to try and prevent suicide and rise awareness about this ongoing problem that we keep hearing about more and more in the media and from those band's/artists themselves.


If you suffer from depression/mental health problems please don't suffer alone.

Reach out to a friend/family or one of the services below that will help support & guide you through.