On Hollow Ground – blood is blood review

I have been saying for years now that On hollow ground are one of THEE best up and coming metalcore band’s in the uk right now. They aren’t just consistent with their music but also their performances and how much they put into their live show’s. They have put time, money and an insane amount of energy into where they are right now and this album just proves not only how good they are but how determined they are to get the attention of everyone that have slept on them for so long. 

The album opens up with our lives which is a opening track set to rip out the jugular and grab your attention from the get-go, With beefy riffs and vocals that make your head shake, You can’t get shake the feeling these lads are truly pissed off with thing’s and they are going to address them in this album. 

People never learn is one of the more experimental songs on the album mixing their normal metalcore sound with the sound of phengshui or astroid boys. It has a real uk grime/underground vibe to it that really makes your head bounce and your eyes and ears open up. 

WMD (Wasteman down) is the shortest track on the album but my god it kicks you straight in the face and leaves a mark. 

Throw in their singles from the album BROKEN & SHUT DOWN which are unbelievable tracks that you know will absolutely slay live. You find yourself walking away from this album really impressed and wanting nothing more than these lads to get the attention they deserve. 


Kris fogg


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